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Reelpop x Rumble Rivals


Rumble Rivals is a tower defense game for all fans of strategy games. Players must defend their hero against waves of enemy attacks by strategically placing and upgrading various unique heroes. 


The core challenge was to promote the game while simultaneously positioning it as relevant to the target audience. Achieving organic reach for mobile games is challenging because asset production often poses challenges. The Rumble Rivals team sought our help to introduce their game to a wider audience, specifically focusing on organic reach.

@rumble.rivals for $1000 can you beat level 1 of our game? 📲 #rumblerivals ♬ original sound – Rumble Rivals
@rumble.rivals Replying to @void3644 the phone: 🤿#rumblerivals ♬ u are my high – ✿


The key to tackling this challenge was to introduce innovative content approaches and continually test their efficacy. Our strategy was to formulate content that not only advertised the game but also intrigued and engaged the audience, making it relevant and attractive.

One such innovative approach we introduced were public challenges. We initiated gaming contests and tournaments in real-world settings, which allowed players to interact and engage with Rumble Rivals in an exciting new way. These public challenges proved to be a remarkable success, allowing the mobile game to gain extensive exposure and reach a vast audience organically.


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This strategy led to multiple videos gaining substantial views, thereby increasing awareness of the game. Capitalizing on the popularity of these videos, we injected ad budget to further amplify their reach. This approach bore impressive results, with the discovery of a winning creative that garnered over 3 million views.

Not only did this creative capture the attention of a large audience, but it also led to a significant number of app installs at a low CPI. This strategic method of promotion proved to be a game-changing approach, allowing Rumble Rivals to establish a solid footing in the competitive mobile gaming market.

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