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Reelpop x Genesia


Genesia AI is an app designed to let people have conversations with an AI friend, making artificial intelligence a part of everyday life. The goal is to create a friendly, engaging space where users can talk, learn, and grow with their AI buddies.


As a groundbreaking app, Genesia AI faced the challenge of establishing a market presence without substantial initial user data or a clearly defined target audience. The dynamic nature of AI technology required a tailored approach to engage users and stimulate interest in this fresh concept.

With the need to explore various creative approaches and determine the most effective way to connect with potential users, Genesia AI sought out a strategy to capture the imagination of the market. when every convo feels like small talk💔🥲 time to talk to Genesia🫰 #smalltalk #aitool #aifriend ♬ original sound – Genesia AI App


To tackle this, our strategy was to try out a variety of video styles and themes to see what might click with viewers.

We produced a diverse range of video content, each exploring different creative angles to highlight the app’s potential. This strategy was aimed at casting a wide net to identify which narratives and video styles resonated most with the viewers.

Additionally, we implemented a robust feedback loop, actively engaging with the audience to garner insights and refine our approach. By being agile and responsive, we sought to cultivate a strong community around Genesia AI and lay the foundation for a solid user base.


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Our exploratory content strategy led to significant organic reach, demonstrating the appeal of Genesia AI’s unique value proposition.We successfully identified and validated several creative angles that captivated the audience’s interest.

Leveraging this validation, the Genesia Team was equipped to launch Spark Ads campaigns using these proven creative concepts. The targeted Spark Ads resulted in high-performing creatives that maintained their efficacy, avoiding ad fatigue even after amassing hundreds of thousands of views. This strategic success paved the way for Genesia AI to establish a foothold in the market and begin scaling its user base with confidence.

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