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Reelpop x Codegree


Codegree launched in 2021 with the mission of teaching programming to people of all ages. The ever-growing offering includes major current programming languages, as well as new technologies like artificial intelligence and more. 

At launch, the company is focusing on the german market, but is already planning to expand its offering. Codegree’s innovative approach is to allow students to apply what they have learned immediately in the browser via the interactive development environment. This enables fast and effective learning.


After successfully completing product development, Codegree needed a digital strategy for market entry. Customer acquisition costs are generally high in this niche and the offer had to be communicated in detail. Since the next round of funding was not yet closed, the team needed a channel that promised low CACs. The Codegree team reached out to us to explore the possibilities of TikTok Marketing for customer acquisition.

I couldn't be happier with the collaboration with Reelpop. We would never have tapped into the same channels on our own, so we would have had mediocre results. The collaboration truly was a game changer. I can't wait to take the next steps to do the user acquisition organically as well.

Perica Glavas

Perica Glavas

Founder & CEO


After an in-depth audience and trend analysis, we started creating ad creatives that showcased Codegree’s core offering. The creatives were developed for TikTok and fit seamlessly into the platform.

The next step was to develop an organic content strategy and cast suitable creators. The organic creatives created are gradually played out.


lower cost per conversion


cost per free trial


lower cost per impression


increase in ROI


The initial test phase was already so successful that the results on all other channels were far surpassed. The ad creatives were very well received by the target audience.  This campaign’s success proves once again the value of user-generated content for the brand. Next, we expect a further increase in results. Then organically created posts will be boosted with paid ads and get an even wider reach. We successfully overcame Codegree’s concerns that TikTok traffic is not suitable for the offer or does not convert.

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