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Reelpop x Ask AI


Ask AI is a mobile app powered by ChatGPT where you can chat with an AI, similar to having a smart friend in your pocket. It can answer all kinds of questions and comes with extra tools that make it even more helpful.


When Ask AI hit the market, there was already a lot of buzz around AI, and many other apps were competing for attention. The team behind Ask AI needed to find out who would be interested in their app and make it stand out. They asked us to help them grow naturally on TikTok and Instagram and to understand their audience better.


Our strategy to differentiate Ask AI in a competitive AI market involved a deep dive into potential user profiles and crafting compelling, persona-specific narratives. We wrote engaging scripts intended to resonate with each segment of our audience, ensuring every message was fine-tuned to their unique interests.

Collaboration with a variety of content creators allowed us to produce authentic, targeted content. This strategic alliance enabled us to reach the right people with the right message on TikTok and Instagram.

Finally, we embraced a trial-and-error approach with our marketing messages, constantly testing and adapting to discover the angles that truly engaged our audience. This agile methodology was key in pinpointing the creative direction that would ultimately cause a sensation in the market.


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The tactical content strategy we implemented bore fruit when one of our TikTok videos captured the public’s imagination, soaring to over 2.7 million organic views in a single day, and sparking a wave of engagement. We capitalized on this unexpected virality with strategic Spark Ads promotion and a focus on content that echoed the successful theme, further boosting the app’s profile.

Our innovative and adaptable creative approach not only captured audience interest but also empowered the Ask AI team to expand their reach globally. Even as competitors attempted to replicate our creatives, our original content maintained its edge, keeping Ask AI one step ahead.

This strategy has not only brought the client’s campaigns to over 400 million views on TikTok but also solidified their standing in the marketplace as a leader and innovator. With the creative groundwork laid and continually being refined, Ask AI stands as a prime example of how creativity paired with strategic deployment can lead to dominance in a saturated market.

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